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The Rebel Whiskey Distillers

A group of whiskey distillers are breaking from tradition in all the right ways. Batch #1: BLACKENED AMERICAN WHISKEY Ultimate Heavy Metal Mash-up Imagine a glass of water sitting next to a giant speaker and convulsing with the thump of each beat—doomph, doomph, doomph. That movement is, essentially, the idea behind Blackened American Whiskey, a collaboration between metal masters Metallica and th...[Read More]

Newest Cocktail and Bar Trends

It’s hard to find any articles about this post-COVID, so take these predictions from the beginning of the year with a grain of salt. However, here’s a few new ideas to look out for. Minimalistic cocktails–Mixology is on its way out. New, experimental ideas are slowly going away, and the old reliables have returned. Expect to find traditional cocktails like Manhattans, Old Frashio...[Read More]

The World’s Most Expensive Alcohol

Ever wondered exactly how much the highest-end brands cost? Let’s take a look at the highest price tags. Diva vodka–this bad boy comes in at $1 million a bottle. You might be wondering if this vodka is made of gold for that price, and while it’s made very well, (distilled seven times and filtered through charcoal) the bulk of its price comes from the jewels decorating the bottle,...[Read More]

New Whiskies of Winter 2020

Who doesn’t love a good tasting? Here’s a few brands to try, new this year. Taketsuru Pure Malt–This particular blend isn’t exactly new, but the Nikka Company has completely revamped their recipe and bottle for the Taketsuru. Try it at $80 a bottle.  Private Release Single Cask–Barell Craft Spirits releases a new line of bourbons every year for your sipping pleasure. ...[Read More]

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