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Newest Cocktail and Bar Trends

It’s hard to find any articles about this post-COVID, so take these predictions from the beginning of the year with a grain of salt. However, here’s a few new ideas to look out for. Minimalistic cocktails–Mixology is on its way out. New, experimental ideas are slowly going away, and the old reliables have returned. Expect to find traditional cocktails like Manhattans, Old Frashio...[Read More]

The World’s Most Expensive Alcohol

Ever wondered exactly how much the highest-end brands cost? Let’s take a look at the highest price tags. Diva vodka–this bad boy comes in at $1 million a bottle. You might be wondering if this vodka is made of gold for that price, and while it’s made very well, (distilled seven times and filtered through charcoal) the bulk of its price comes from the jewels decorating the bottle,...[Read More]

New Whiskies of Winter 2020

Who doesn’t love a good tasting? Here’s a few brands to try, new this year. Taketsuru Pure Malt–This particular blend isn’t exactly new, but the Nikka Company has completely revamped their recipe and bottle for the Taketsuru. Try it at $80 a bottle.  Private Release Single Cask–Barell Craft Spirits releases a new line of bourbons every year for your sipping pleasure. ...[Read More]

Drinking with the Stars (Part 2)

If you need to catch up on Part 1, go here to learn Steve Carrel, Pierce Brosnan, and Johnny Depp’s favorite drinks. Now, let’s continue our alcoholic tour of Hollywood. Today, we’ll talk musicians. Bono–The Irish U2 frontman goes for a drink that’s surprisingly simple: Jack Daniels. In 2018, he bought shares in an Irish whiskey distillery to begin working on his own ...[Read More]

The World’s First Whiskey

If you read our story about Historical Figures Who Probably Drank Too Much, you probably noticed that wine was the main (well, only) drink of choice for the ancient world. When did the stronger stuff hit the market? When was the first, say, whiskey developed? It’s said that ancient Mesopotamia (or Egypt, possibly) first developed distillation to create perfumes, but there’s no written ...[Read More]

Winter Cocktails to Try in Cooler Weather

It’s the time of year for warm cocktails and lots of whiskey. Here are some fun recipes if you want to try something new. Cranberry Apple Hot Toddy–A fun, sweeter twist on the traditional hot toddy puts emphasis on the fall flavors of apple and cranberry. Ingredients 1.5 ounces bourbon 2 ounces of apple juice 3 ounces cranberry juice 1 tsp honey 1/2 lemon’s juice Star anise pod a...[Read More]

Can a Manhattan Chill on the Rocks?

Many purists will tell you that serving a Manhattan over ice makes a completely different drink. It is true that most Manhattans don’t include ice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it on the rocks. The ice melting will dilute the cocktail, which may change the flavor if you’re used to it being served in a chilled glass. Despite what some bartenders might tell you, it rea...[Read More]

Historical Figures Who Probably Drank Too Much

Ever wondered if historical figures were able to achieve success while being very drunk? Turns out, it’s not just possible, but it’s happened many times. Here’s a few who marked history with a cocktail in hand. Alexander the Great–Alexander a great general and effective leader (at least in the beginning). This king from ancient Macedonia conquered much of the ancient world ...[Read More]

Let’s Talk Tequila

Tequila: the fastest way to a night you won’t remember. Despite its ability to make its drinkers lose control, it’s also a delicious, versatile liquor that can be enjoyed by anyone–and sales in the US keep going up. Whether you’re mixing it in margarita or enjoying straight, let’s define the different types and their best uses. Blanco–This clear spirit isn’...[Read More]

Best Cherries to Try in your Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or, Really, Any Cocktail

It’s hard to miss the Halloween decorations in every store (and the pumpkin spice…well, everything). Fall is here, and winter is right on its heels. As the weather turns cold, people tend to drink a lot more alcohol. It’s also what many call “whiskey weather,” inspiring more people to reach for brown liquors. So let’s embrace the cold, shall we? With those Manha...[Read More]

The Best Vodka for Less

Vodka: the versatile clear liquor perfect for any situation. Whether you’re mixing it in a cocktail or drinking it straight, here are some great brands to try for under $100. –Crystal Head Vodka This uniquely bottled vodka comes from Globefill Inc., founded by actor Dan Ackeroyd and artist John Alexander. It’s additive-free and filtered seven times, earning this corn and wheat ma...[Read More]

Drinking with the Stars (Part 1 of ???)

Ever wondered what famous people drink? Learn a few celebrities’ go-to alcohol below. –Pierce Brosnan We all know 007’s favorite drink is a vodka martini, “shaken, not stirred.” Before this actor became the suave James Bond, Brosnan was drinking tequila while starring in Remington Steele. Today, he’s become the face of Casa Don Ramon’s high-end brand. R...[Read More]

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