The Best Vodka for Less

The Best Vodka for Less

Vodka: the versatile clear liquor perfect for any situation. Whether you’re mixing it in a cocktail or drinking it straight, here are some great brands to try for under $100.

Crystal Head Vodka

This uniquely bottled vodka comes from Globefill Inc., founded by actor Dan Ackeroyd and artist John Alexander. It’s additive-free and filtered seven times, earning this corn and wheat mash great reviews. It features notes of sweet vanilla with a spicy kick, and finishes with that classic vodka burn. For $50 a bottle, it’s worth a try for your home bar.

Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka

Pure well water acts as the base for this recipe, which is left in a smokehouse for five days to give it scent. That water is then made into vodka with home-grown potatoes. The final product has a smooth, smoky flavor that will add a new twist to your Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, or Martini, all for under $40 ($38, to be exact).


Elit Vodka

Who does vodka better than Russia? This wheat mash is made with artesian water and triple-filtered through quartz sand and birch wood charcoal. After filtering, it’s frozen at -0.4 degrees Farenheit to be filtered once more through an ion-charged process to create a dry vodka with notes of vanilla and lemon. The best part? You can try this multi-award winning spirit for $40.

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