Let’s Talk Tequila

Let’s Talk Tequila

Tequila: the fastest way to a night you won’t remember. Despite its ability to make its drinkers lose control, it’s also a delicious, versatile liquor that can be enjoyed by anyone–and sales in the US keep going up. Whether you’re mixing it in margarita or enjoying straight, let’s define the different types and their best uses.

Blanco–This clear spirit isn’t aged at all, bottled almost immediately after distilling. Blanco doesn’t have as strong a flavor as its aged brethren, but it can be a harsh burn. If you’re planning to mix it, you can save a little money with this style. Just make sure it’s made from 100% agave.

Reposado–Give this slightly golden variety a try for a little more bang for your buck. Reposado is aged anywhere from two months to just under a year. These have a little stronger flavor than blanco, but that’s not a bad thing.

Anejo–Want to take off the training wheels? This tequila has been aged at least a year, but less than three (any longer and it becomes extra anejo). This blend takes on a smokey flavor, comparable to whiskey, but the age gives it a smoother feel. Try this type on the rocks, possibly with a dash of lime or agave.

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